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We’re an owner-managed, independent and digitally enabled fiduciary business specialised in global wealth structuring and administration solutions

We provide bespoke, digitally enabled global wealth structuring & administration solutions to Entrepreneurs, HNW Individuals and their Families.

Every client's journey is distinct, and so are our services. Working in tandem with your advisors, we create practical, innovative solutions tailored precisely to fit your financial profile and goals.

We always strive for dynamic excellence, blending top-tier quality with the agility to move as quickly as your world does, ensuring solutions that are as dynamic as your life and business.

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Innovating at every step, our technology-driven approach ensures enhanced service, capital efficiency, and cutting-edge solutions tailored to your financial landscape.

We believe in technology that makes life easier, not more robotic. That's why, amidst our digital tools, you'll find a team of real, passionate humans, always on hand to add that personal flair that no software can provide.

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October 25, 2023

Satisfying Economic Substance Requirements for UAE Freezone persons

The enactment of the Federal Decree-Law No. 47 of 2022 has marked a significant shift in the UAE's corporate tax landscape. At the heart of this law lies the designation of “Qualifying Free Zone Persons” (QFZPs), which subjects entities to a 0% tax rate on “Qualifying Income”, while a 9% tax rate is applied to other income. To be categorised as a QFZP, entities are required to meet several conditions, one of which is maintaining adequate economic substance in the UAE.

October 25, 2023

Navigating Crypto Business Banking: A Guide to Bank Account Opening

The downfall of Silvergate and Signature Bank, previously pivotal players in crypto business banking, has further complicated the already intricate path towards bank account opening for crypto businesses. Amidst this backdrop, ensuring a smooth process in crypto business bank account opening requires a blend of strategic insights and expert intervention.

October 25, 2023

Fundraising in the UAE: The SAFE route for corporate structure

The allure of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a fertile ground for investments has grown significantly in recent times, especially against a backdrop of economic turmoil in many western markets. The nation’s robust economy, coupled with a burgeoning innovation and startup ecosystem, makes it a compelling destination for entrepreneurs and investors alike. A notable part of this appeal rests on the UAE's forward-thinking legal frameworks that accommodate modern fundraising instruments, one of which is the Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE).

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